At HULLU, we ensure customers that our websites are Enterprise-Validated (EV) by world-leading Certificate Authorities (CA's). We show our customers that we are serious about security and privacy through our GREEN website address bar or URL (with padlock). You may have seen a similar GREEN address bar when you last visited your online bank. The GREEN bar allows YOU to know that your connection with HULLU is secured and protected. We validate our websites to provide our clients the confidence to know that HULLU websites are SAFE and using high-grade encryption algorithms to protect their information on our websites.

At HULLU, we insist on commercial-grade Firewall Protection and employ a website security administrator to keep our software and services up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. This is our primary protection against malicious hackers.

HULLU INTERNATIONAL also utilises commercial-grade industry servers with 24-hour temperature controlled serviced surveillance server centres with Information Technology Experts on call to protect the functionality, security and integrity of servers 24/7.

Our commercial-grade security does not guarantee that our websites will not be maliciously attacked or lose up-time (see Terms of Use).

We promise You that we take security very seriously.

HULLU will service You and protect Your valuable personal information to the best of its ability.