01. HULLU Limited is required, under agreement with HULLU (Thailand) Co. Ltd. and HULLU Pty. Ltd., to provide online payment services for goods sold online for the aforementioned companies. As such, online payments are currently directed to HULLU Limited Company and will show on your PayPal receipt as, "HULLU LIMITED".

02. HULLU LIMITED Company's website has been independently verified by world-leading Certificate Authority,  Comodo, USA.

03. HULLU Limited's website has received its Enterprise Validation (EV).

04. HULLU'S Website is validated to the highest possible level so that Your Privacy is Protected.

05. The EV is displayed by the GREEN website address bar (with additional locked padlock) to clearly signify the connection is secure.

06. HULLU is protecting all of its websites for its customers and does not store; collect; or process your payment information.

07. We route your payment to HULLU Limited, Hong Kong for processing and distribution.

08. HULLU Limited's registered address is Floor 17, Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong.

09. HULLU Limited Company Registration number is 1956731

10. Business Hours; Monday-Friday 09.00- 18.00

11. Phone Number | +852 2961-4511

12. Fax Number | +852 3958 5662