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HULLU is now focussed on Music and FINE ARTS!

The HULLU Studio, known widely, as the first luxury boutique concert space in central Bangkok began with a focus on high quality international classical and jazz music. Over the past few years, HULLU has fortunately discovered that Thailand has many incredibly talented Fine Artists and has sought to find the best artists in Thailand to feature at its venue – bringing an added touch of class, intelligence, mystery and intrigue to its chest of hidden treasures on offer to its growing music-and-art-centric clientele. HULLU found the selected Artists with a similar mindset (as many are also musicians themselves) to combine the best of the performance arts with fine arts at a venue intimate enough to provide the connection and intimacy required by our discerning, artistic connoisseurs. Hence, HULLU required a new name to launch both music performance and the fine arts namely, HULLU CONCERT GALLERY.

Since then, HULLU has been at the forefront of forging new concepts and artistic events through art and music!

HULLU CONCERT GALLERY represents a keen interest in both Fine Arts and Music Performance. Providing the best classical and sophisticated jazz music in Thailand has been rewarding; but with talented live artists in the HULLU Artist mix...we can offer greater excitement and broader artistic expression. We combine live elements of both art and music together in performances to create our own unique, art-music-fusion experience for our clientele at the most centrally located, exotic and comfortable boutique music venue in Thailand! Hard to beat!

HULLU adds luxurious comfort to each event through designer leather seating and a luxurious acoustic supported often by the lavish 9-foot concert grand piano. The amazing garden view of the Swiss Embassy Garden from our Garden Terrace provides added peace and calm to the natural feel of the Gallery. We exhibit in total about 25-35 artworks at HULLU Concert Gallery.

HULLU has sponsored several art-music fusion concerts for general public over the past few years. In collaboration with our HULLU Musicians, Arisara Caroline Faulder, our live art performance specialist, has painted live in public concerts with jazz and classical musicians as well as jazz ensemble and jazz-fusion artists. Continuing these events and providing special access to general public in future will largely depend on other culturally minded corporations joining HULLU to support and make feasible our unique art-music-fusion events to the general public.

The Concert Gallery's elite clientele; including art and music connoisseurs, senators and diplomats, among other dignitaries, have attended HULLU Concert Gallery as VIP guests of HULLU, to enjoy numerous unique style performances by many international musicians (and guest contemporary dancer). HULLU has featured the World's first, art-model-harp-electronic music-fusion event (of controversial nature) and Thailand's first public performance of Aivo Pärt's, "Spiegel im Spiegel" and "Fratres" by Eri Nakagawa (piano) and Justin Paul Rumm (violin) combined with the world class photographic arts of Andrei Reinol.




At HULLU Gallery, your mood, feel, emotion, imagination, fantasy and intelligence come to play. Our Gallery setting is unlike others in Bangkok. We focus on a select few of the best artists in Thailand and provide you with an intimate and comfortable space to view and think about the Art... and to perhaps ponder the reasons for its selection in our collection and relevance in today's world. We can assist you with your Art selection and contribute our thoughts on the works, if you like.

We respect cultural diversity at HULLU and we respect your privacy.  We encourage you to visit us and to take your time to absorb the beauty and appreciate the intelligence and uniqueness of our art in comparison to others. We hope you can  nurture these works in your home, everyday, as we have done at HULLU Gallery. Invest in the arts and capture beauty for a lifetime. We are centrally located with ample free covered parking and walking distance from Skytrain. Please visit us. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

HULLU-Concert-Gallery-Contemporary-Arts-Sale"At HULLU we create one spark that can burn forever. That makes us, HULLU, Extraordinary! "

Justin Paul Rumm, Group CEO


"For a truly VIP experience, it doesnt get any more exclusive than the HULLU Studio"

Sawasdee Magazine, Thai International Airways


HULLU has Partnerships with the best Thai Artists  exclusively for YOU!

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These Exhibited Original Materpieces will not last long. Artworks are original and have not been copied and printed elsewhere.

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 HULLU Concert Gallery is a boutique concert venue | gallery exhibition and sales located on Level 4, Visunee Mansion on Soi Nai Loet directly next to the gardens of the Embassy of Switzerland. HULLU Gallery is only a few minutes walk from BTS Ploenchit Skytrain, Central Embassy and Park Hyatt in central city, Bangkok.



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